Maria Furlough, author of "Breaking The Fear Cycle: How To Find Peace For Your Anxious Heart" and "Confident Moms, Confident Daughters: Helping Your Daughter Live Free From Insecurity and Love How She Looks", joins us this week. We talk about how to overcome fear, what makes us anxious, and how to surrender control. We also talk about being women who deal with body image insecurities, and how to help our daughters live in a world that is not defined by their body image. Maria can be found at 

Aaron Porter, pastor, recovery and relationships coach, and author of Soul Architecture, joins us this week to talk about the real idea for marriage, our roles as husbands and wives, and what submission actually looks like in a marriage. Aaron coaches husbands and wives through all things marriage and can be found at


Dr Juli Slattery of Authentic Intimacy joins Carolyn and Jennalee this week to talk about rethinking our sexuality. We talk about why God created sex, and if He is pleased with it. We talk about sex within marriage, and how to enjoy it the way God intended us to. We talk about all the things the church has told us about sex, and what a real Biblical narrative is about it. Dr Juli can be found at 

Shannon Geurin joins us this week to share her story of infidelity and fighting for her marriage and her identity in Christ. She is brave and bold as she tells us of her journey back into her marriage and relationship with her husband as well as her God. Shannon's marriage was redeemed, and she found her identity as God's fiercely beloved daughter. She now has the Fiercely His movement online and can be found at 

Christina Dodson is the co-host of The Awesome Marriage Podcast with Dr Kim Kimberling. She is a wife and mother, and advocate for healthy and strong marriages. This week we talk about the effects of social media on marriage. In the episode Christina mentions this link to help get creative with your smartphone FOR your marriage:


Kara-Kae James, author of Mom Up, and founder and executive director of Thrive Moms, joins us this week to talk about thriving with grave in the chaos of motherhood. We talk about finding our gospel identity as moms in the trenches with little ones, building a community of mom friends who build up and encourage, and what it means to abide in Christ in all seasons of life. Kara-Kae can be found at 

Beth Nyhart, author of Rend Your Heart & Not Your Garments, talks with us about her pornography addiction, dealing with sin and temptation, shame, sex, and how it all works together in our gospel identity. 

Hannah Anderson, author of All That's Good: Recovering The Lost Art of Discernment, joins us to talk all about discernment. We talk about what discernment is, what it isn't, how to get better at discerning, and how to retrain your mind. Hannah can be found at and also co-hosts the Persuasion Podcast at 

Dr. Kim Kimberling, author of 14 Keys To Lasting Love and 7 Secrets To An Awesome Marriage, joins us this week to talk about intimacy within marriage. We discuss what biblical intimacy looks like in a marriage, connectedness, physical intimacy, expectations in marriage, recreating intimacy after infidelity, and living with an unbelieving spouse. Dr. Kimberling can be found at 

February 20, 2019

David B Hampton- Sober Living

Author and Musician, David B. Hampton, joins us this week to talk about life After the Miracle, sober living, and finding God in the real and raw parts of our lives. 

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